How to get to the Conference Venue?

The venue is situated in Stará Lesná, a small village in the beautiful High Tatra Mountains, that lives mainly from tourism. Although it is only a small village, it is easy to get there due to its location within the important tourist center of Slovakia. The best way to get there is to travel from Poprad. Poprad has great train and bus connections to major cities in Central Europe, as it lies on the main Slovak railway and highway (100 km from Košice and 330 km from Bratislava).

By Plane

The nearest airport is Airport Poprad-Tatry, which has limited connections however: London Luton (Wizzair) and Podgorica, Antalya and Burgas (via travel agencies).
Participants arriving from greater distances may first use air connections to Vienna International Airport, Bratislava International Airport or Košice airport and then use train or bus connections (see By Train or By Bus sections).

By Train

Stará Lesná lies on the “Tatra electric railways” with trains running hourly. In most cases you will need to change trains in Starý Smokovec, but the railway provides connection to Stará Lesná.

Trains from Bratislava or Košice to Poprad depart every two hours or more often, depending on the day time.

By Bus

Direct buses from Poprad to bus stop “Stará Lesná, rázc.” drive frequently as well. The station and bus stop are 20 minutes walk (1.8 km) from the Congress centre.

From airport to train/bus:

Bratislava – take public transport bus 61 from Bratislava airport to the train station (take of at the final stop). Note that the bus station in Bratislava lies 2.5 km from the train station. Orientation at Bratislava AS (bus station) might be a bit complicated these days due to construction of the new station building. The schedule table (same you can find at bus stops) should help you. Bus 21 leaves from bus stop “Autobusová stanica” and train station is just 2 minutes by foot from “SAV” bus stop. Trolley bus 210 leaves from bus stop “Mlynské nivy” and ends right at the train station.

Košice – bus 23 drives from Košice airport to train and bus stations (take of at the final stop).

Vienna Int. Airport – Three bus companies drive from Vienna airport to Bratislava. Their timetables and ticket information are here, but to see them all combined use The recommended way to reach Bratislava train station is to take the bus from Vienna to Bratislava bus station and use line 21 or 210.

Directly from:

Kraków – from here, it is most convenient to reach bus station “Dworzec Główny Wschód” by train or bus 208. Then take a bus directly to Starý Smokovec, to Poprad or Ružomberok and continue by train from there.

Budapest – there are buses directly from the airport and Népliget bus station to Starý Smokovec. Other options are buses from Népliget and Mexikói or trains from Keleti station. For better understanding of transport within Budapest we recommend this site or rome2rio.

Prague – the Airport Express drives to main train station every 30 minutes. Another option are city buses combined with subwaybus 119 to Veleslavín station where you can change to Metro A line to Muzeum. From there you can continue to Poprad directly or with change in ŽilinaIn case you prefer buses to trains despite their generally longer travel time on route Prague – Poprad, most of them depart from Florenc bus station. From airport it is best take bus 100 and change to Metro B at Zličín.

By Car

Regarding the transport by car, we believe that nowadays, in the era of various GPS apps, it is basically unnecessary to describe the route in details (but if you need to do not hesitate to contact us).
Potentialy important information could be following: highways and motorways are charged outside the city (10€ per 10 days, more prices here). Speed limits are: highways/motorways – 130km/h, roads outside towns – 90km/h, in towns – 50km/h.
Around the venue, there is 40+ parking places available.

By Foot / Bike

For those who have a lot of time, a very healthy lifestyle and want to minimize their carbon footprint as much as possible, just enter these coordinates in your GPS navigation and embark on a journey. The time required depends on the starting point and your fitness :-). Latitude: 49° 9’5.67″N Longitude: 20°17’12.71″E

Need assistance?

We tried to describe the transport to venue from the main directions, but it is quite possible that your route is not between them, or you can not find a convenient connection to Stará Lesná. In case you are stuck somewhere and you do not know how to proceed, do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to bring you to the place in comfort.

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